Emerald Fennell Spills Tea on Saltburn: Bafta Buzz and That Wild Bathtub Scene

Behind-the-Scenes Goss

So, guess what? Emerald Fennell spills the beans on Saltburn, and she’s all about that crazy bathtub scene. According to her, it’s a total rollercoaster of “diabolical and revolting” vibes that somehow hit close to home for everyone. –koin303

Starting with the Drama

Fennell spilled that the bathtub gig was the first thing she dreamed up when crafting the movie. This thriller with Barry Keoghan doing some uni obsession thing got five Bafta nods, including Best Brit Flick.

Breaking the Internet

Hold onto your hats, because Saltburn went viral on socials after dropping on Amazon Prime in December. People flooded the internet with tales of watching it with their fam over the holidays. TikTok went bonkers with four billion views on Saltburn clips, as per Deadline.

Why the Fuss?

Fennell thinks the hype on socials comes from the film’s “gothic romance” vibe. Apparently, we’ve all been craving that crazy mix of emotions – the intense love, the steamy stuff, and the straight-up hate. She’s like, “We’ve been missing this vibe for way too long.”

Bath Time Showdown

Let’s get real about that infamous bathtub scene. Fennell spills that it’s the heartbeat of the film, and it’s so darn powerful because it’s sexy. It taps into that crazy desire feeling, you know? In this scene, Keoghan’s character gulps down bathwater loaded with his buddy Felix’s sperm, played by Jacob Elordi.

Bafta High-Five

Both Keoghan and Elordi got the nod from Bafta for their roles, and Rosamund Pike is in the race for Best Supporting Actress. Fennell, a two-time Bafta champ for Promising Young Woman, is over the moon about Saltburn’s nominations, shouting out the all-British crew.

Top of the Charts Drama

Here’s a plot twist – Saltburn’s impact reaches beyond the screen, bringing Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Murder on the Dancefloor” back into the charts. Yeah, it pops up in Keoghan’s naked finale.

Facing Off with Barbie

Saltburn, with its five Bafta nods, stands shoulder to shoulder with the 2023 blockbuster Barbie. Fennell gives props to Barbie, calling it a “genius piece of filmmaking,” but points out Saltburn’s charm with its British roots and crew.

Bafta Front-Runners

Bafta nominations are all the rage, and Oppenheimer takes the lead with a whopping 13 nods. Poor Things is trailing with 11, keeping the competition tight.

Fennell’s Final Thoughts

Fennell wraps it up by saying she’s stoked about Saltburn’s recognition. The excitement is real, and the British crew is all smiles about their flick making waves. Saltburn’s success is proof that Fennell knows how to cook up a tale that not only wows the critics but also has the whole world talking, thanks to the social media wave.