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About Tevaron

Hey everyone! I produce a variety of gaming and gaming-related content. I attempt to give insightful commentary. I tend to enjoy story driven, emotionally charged games, though I do still like the occasional adrenaline filled shooter. MTG Content every Friday (FNM) and occasionally throughout the week! I also do the occasional dramatic reading or silly parody song.


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Tevaron's Decklist

Magic: The Gathering Arena - Sets
Magic: The Gathering Arena - Sets
Card Name
Event Decks

Name Created By Rating Modified EmbedYouTubeURL YouTubeURL ColorSearch Id Archetype Sets TwtichURL EmbedTwtichURL hasORI hasBFZ hasOGW hasSOI hasEMN hasKAL hasAER hasAHK hasHOU hasXLN hasRIX hasDOM hasM19 hasGRN hasANA hasRNA hasWAR hasM20 hasD eventType

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